West Region Trauma Quality Improvement Forum Information

West Region Quality Improvement Plan

Visit the Dept of Health website for information on system evaluation and quality improvement.

West Region Quality Improvement Forum (QIF)

Mission Statement:

Continuously Strive to Optimize EMS/Trauma Patient Care and Outcome


  • Caesar Ursic, MD

  • Vice Chairs: Tony Kuzma, EMT-P, Wendy Rife, RN

Meeting Information

Trauma Coordinators Meet 11:30 am - 12:00 pm, QIF meets 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm. Meeting Schedule 

Contact the WREMS office at 360-705-9019 for more information.

Lessons Learned from the Pierce County CQI Committee Case Reviews

March, 2017 CQI

  • Importance of "Closed Loop" communications during EMS care to be certain the message and plan of action is clear.

  • Utilization of vital signs parameters and ALS assessment are important aspects of patient care. Don't treat the monitor only, if in doubt pull the ET tube out and reinsert.


January, 2017, CQI

  • Parents may be adamant about taking their child POV versus EMS transport to the hospital ED, but EMS must clearly emphasize the risks versus the benefits and document everything.

  • The index of suspicion should be high on calls with a concerning mechanism of injury, even if the patient initially appears fine.