Region 3 Healthcare Preparedness

Region 3 Meetings

Region 3 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition meetings and Hospital Preparedness meetings are held at Thurston County Public Health, 412 Lilly Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98506. Meeting dates are listed on the Meeting Calendar

Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (PHEPR) and WSHA

  • The PHEPR website has many great resources on preparedness.
  • Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA)

ASPR Grant Program Resources

  • Request for Funding Application.
  • Funding Guidelines
  • Membership Application
  • The hospital Pharmaceutical Cache Guide provides information on the most recent pharmaceutical inventory, and maintaining your pharmaceutical cache.
  • For additional information, contact Peggi Shapiro, WSHA, at or visit the WSHA website.
  • Crisis Standards of Care Workshop

    Communication Resources

    Healthcare Preparedness Resources

    • Patient transport may be a necessity prior to, during, and following a disaster. Patient Transport Capabilities tools.
    • In preparation for the Hospital Preparedness Program and Public Health Emergency Preparedness aligned Cooperative Agreement, ASPR has released the Healthcare Preparedness Capabilities. HPP Release Letter.
    • The Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management presents a foundation for increasing individual preparedness and engaging with members of the community as vital partners in enhancing the resiliency and security of our nation.
    • The Emergency Water Supply Planning Guide for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities.
    • The Northwest Renal Network Emergency Preparedness website provides information and resources on emergency preparedness.
    • The Emergency Preparedness Resources and Possible Grant Matrix identifies known resources and grants for agencies.
    • The Florida DOH has created Recommended Disaster Core Competencies for Hospital Personnel that is applicable to all states.
    • Vertical evacuation plans could save thousands of people in the event of a tsunami. A series of specially constructed berms, towers and buildings could save an estimated 24,750 residents and visitors in Pacific and Grays Harbor counties.
    • The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has prepared a Hospital Evacuation Decision Guide to assist with hospital evacuation planning.
    • Mass Fatality Field Manual.
    • The National Preparedness System builds on proven preparedness activities to address risks from threats and hazards by working together in a systematic approach.
    • NIMS implementation guidance for the National Hospital Preparedness Program's FY12 Funding Opportunity Announcements. HPP is reducing the NIMS compliance elements from 14 to 11 and providing clarification and implementation guidelines. Learn more about these changes.
    • The Trust for American's Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has created Remembering 9-11 and Anthrax: Public Health's Vital Role in National Defense.

    Pan Flu

    Community Preparedness Resources

    • Community Emergency Response Team training (CERT) provides training in basic disaster response skills and provides support for neighborhoods and communities who wish to work together towards preparedness.
    • Washington Military Dept Emergency Management Division website.
    • The Get Ready website is sponsored by the American Public Health Assoc and includes information on preparing for flu season, infectious diseases and natural disasters.